Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day - You are going to LOVE this video!

I want to wish all of you wonderful women out there a Fabulous Mother's Day!
May you rest and retreat and be swept off your feet!
May you be pampered and made to feel sweet.
May you get flowers and breakfast in bed.
May you feel joy at the cards you have read.
I pray you know of the treasure you impart
with each loving gesture that tends to your heart.
Not only the love of your family too...
but the love of your friends as I say... I love you!

Now...for a laugh and a moment of truth.... ENJOY THIS VIDEO! You are gonna love this!


Lauri said...

Thanks for sharing this! I hope you have a GREAT day today!!!

Littlekel90 said...

This was terrific, I laughed with tears coming from my eyes. It is SO true. I say almost all of those things!! LOL Now to let my mom know it is here, so she can check it out. LOL

Thanks, Tammy. I hope you had a great day!! :) Kelly