Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Update on my Father

As I suspected in my previous post, it is my father's cancer that is causing his loss of speech. There is a new tumor pressing on a nerve that has to do with speech. It actually hurts him to try to talk, so it's very difficult for him. The good news is he will be having surgery on the 8th that will hopefully correct this and give him back his speech! Let's pray that it works, so he can get about the business of going back to chemo for healing the rest of that cancer! We must address this problem first as it certainly affects his every day! Thanks again for praying and keep them coming! I love you all.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Poor Daddy dear is still sick....

I just felt the need to update you all on my Dad and his condition. Though he was administered antibiotics for his lack of voice, he still continues to be unable to speak and mentioned that it actually hurts to talk. He still feels very lethargic and is just plain tired of being sick. He has an appointment on Thursday to follow up, but I wish he had called earlier as it has been over 2 weeks without being able to speak. I surely hope it's not the cancer, and just the flu. Though with the horrible types of flu that have been going around, they certainly aren't easy to overcome either, because poor Shane was never so sick in his life. He is perfectly fine now and back to normal! Praise God and you for your kind prayers!
I just wish to ask you to pray a bit more for my father and for a bit longer and I will be ever so grateful. And while you are whispering in the ear of our God, could you say another couple of prayers for my dear friend Jeff Hoover who has been waiting forever for a kidney transplant! This boy has been through so much, I can't even begin to tell you. Just lift him in both spirit and health. And even more that the kidney he has waited for, for almost 2 years, will finally come through.
My bible study friend Robin's father recently passed away, and I attended the funeral last Friday. He sounded like a lovely wonderful man who touched many lives! Pray a blessing of peace and comfort over their family. Her Mom had to endure surgery this week for a cancer removal! This poor family is enduring so much right now. Please lift them all up as well.

We know there is power in prayers! So I come to you now once again for those wonderful prayers. And I thank you and remind you that should you need me ever to be there for you and kneel before the throne on your behalf, I am there!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Honeysuckles Dance in June... a summertime poem... by me ;o)

As I have no time for cards with the busy wedding season upon me, I have decided to take a moment and share some poetry! I love to write poetry and you probably noticed from the poems I have written for Shelly, Ryan & Jimmy.
Since this blog has often been a memorial tribute space, I thought it was time to spruce it up with a few poems about fun things! Time to bring a smile (I hope) to anyone's face who cares to read it. LOL

The painting at left is called Picking Honeysuckle by artist Sophie Anderson. Click on the picture to go to a page to learn more about her and see more of her work.

Honeysuckles Dance in June

In dark of night,
while others slept,
my senses
suddenly took note
of a magical midnight show...

attention caught
by the wafting aroma

oh delightful smell of June
her sweet perfume
drawing me into her
late night show
bringing a smile
to my psyche

Familiar is the bouquet
instantly recognizable
aaah....take it in

the ever tiny
yet exquisitely fragrant

dancing honeysuckle
(take a bow)

perfuming the midnight air
a premiere performance
just for me!
(I applaud excitedly)

the tiny blossom
nighttime poetry

accompanied by
her extensive orchestra

hark thine ear
to the incredible symphony
that plays at her feet...

chirping crickets
celebrate their gentle song
they sing it loud
they sing it long

sad for some
who at this hour of night
would rather dwell
asleep on pillows soft
and dream silently
of boring things
eyes closed and out of sight.

Oh fortunate me
my soul is here

the honeysuckle's
audience of one
ever grateful for
her pageantry

bravo! bravo!

alive oh my senses

astonishingly sweet
dancing honeysuckles
my senses doth greet
orchestras of crickets sing
Thank you
for the wonders of nature
dear God
you and the month of June
doth bring.

written by T.L. Tobac
June 2007

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Update on Shane's swine flu! ....and thank you...

Thanks so much for praying for the guys in my life, my son, my stepfather and my Daddy dear. What a rough week!
After hearing on the news that many local area children had been diagnosed with swine flu, I decided to take Shane to our pediatrician! And lo and behold, she said he had had swine flu! Oh mercy me! No wonder my poor boy was so sick. By the time he was at the doctor's, however, his fever had broken and he was no longer contagious, nor was he needing any further testing or anything. She said he would just be tired for a few more days and that he would recover fine. I think I may be better off finding that out at the end, as I don't believe I could have slept knowing my baby was suffering with swine flu! I do know that I had never seen him that sick before. Now crossing our fingers and saying a prayer that no one else in our family comes down with it! Whew! I got a speeding ticket on the way to the pediatrician's on the phone worrying about my stepfather! What a week last week was... unbelievable. But grateful for the good outcomes.
My Daddy dear (that's what I call him face to face LOL)-Tom, is still having struggles with his flu, though given antibiotics. I think it's just harder for someone with cancer to fight off everything that comes their way. He can barely speak, so please kindly continue to pray for him! I will let you know when he's back to "normal". He will likely need to start chemo up again fairly soon, after his respite of 3 months. I will be sure to let folks know as things change.
My stepfather, Marty, had his heart cath on Friday and everything looks good with him! Hooray! They believe he suffered some sort of attack that may only require an adjustment in his medications. So we area all grateful for that! No heart attack occurred and he didn't need any further stents or anything...the one in place is still looking good.
So I praise God for the good things and ask him to continue to work on healing my Daddy dear of both his flu and his lung cancer. There is power in your prayers and I am grateful to each of you for sharing that power with me. I am honored to pray for you as well, so please let me know anytime I can return the favor.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Prayer Request for my Son, my Father, my Stepfather

We have some health issues going on in my family outside of the normal prayer requests for my Father's ongoing cancer.
Shane, my 12 year old, (he turned 12 yeseterday and spent it in bed with no fun at all...poor baby), has been home sick all week with the flu. He has a high fever and is lethargic, can barely speak and is just plain miserable. I haven't seen him this sick for years.

Please pray that this would quickly pass and he would return to his normal lively self soon. We hope to celebrate his birthday with him soon as he had requested a celebration that includes a crab legs dinner and a sleepover with friends. We need him to get better before we can celebrate!

It felt so sad to see his birthday come and go without so much as a candle or song. He didn't even want us to sing. Poor baby. It came and went without celebration as he simply wasn't up to it at all. So while I should be here wishing him a happy birthday, I am instead asking for your prayers for his health to return to normal.
He won't even eat candy! Anyone who knows Shane, knows that's a sure fire sign, that he isn't well. Brian bought him a bag of mixed goodies, and he forced down a carmel and a couple of gummy worms, and that was the end of it. :o(

My stepfather, Marty, was having chest pains today at work in Washington, D.C. and went to the hospital. He was later released but will be driving home on Thursday morning for further testing here in Pittsburgh on Friday morning, including a heart cath. Please pray for safe travel mercies and that they would quickly get to the bottom of the pains with little discomfort for Dad.

And last but not least, my Daddy - Tom, whom you have been praying for, for his cancer. He has lost his voice and is pretty much just under the weather. He is sick and is coming around a bit but still has no voice and no energy. Pray for his continued healing from the bug that has hold of him and of course we continue to thank you and ask that you please continue to pray for complete healing from his cancer. In regards to the cancer, he continues to do very well, responding well to treatment and hasn't lost weight and is pretty spry, but for this bug. We are grateful for all good results and thank the Lord for the good work he is doing in my Dad.

Thanks so much for taking a moment to pray for my family... should you ever need the favor returned, I am here for you as well. Email me anytime.
Wishing you all healthy happy days with your families this summer.

Much Love,