Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year to all!

I did my first CASE Splitcoast Challenge yesterday and I knew exactly which stamp was crying out to be inked for today! It came 2 days ago, how is that for perfect timing? This is my favorite card of all the cards I have made thus far.
That New Years champagne cork is flying. And what is that attached to the cork, but our very own favorite ...the House Mouse! I loved making this card! It was a CASE Challenge for Sunday of Danielle's (dlounds) AKA Fat Cat Stamper's cards - and what great cards they were! I had a great selection to choose from her many great cards. I subscribe to her blog as well!
The card I CASEd is located here:;ppuser=54696

This is the House Mouse Stamp called Popping Mouse. He was stamped in black stazon on watercolor paper. The bottle was colored with green marker (bic) and silver paint pen (tried coloring in between the stamped black dots and lines so I could use my silver on the foil on the bottle!). The mouse was done in watercolor pencils then brushed. The 2008 is handwritten in silver and outlined with a Sakura glaze pen in black. The DP with the silver bling is from DCWV-All Dressed Up matstack. The champagne "bubbles" dimensionals are by Marcella K and the splashes are icicle stickles.

Happy New Year Everyone!! May 2008 bring you loads of blessings and days of bliss, peace & happiness!

Our Purple Christmas Tree

I have always wanted to have a purple Christmas tree, as purple is my favorite color. For the past year I had collected everything purple, ornaments of all shapes and sizes found on ebay and at yard sales, purple ribbon, lights, etc. I even found a purple angel on ebay! Till at last I had collected enough to have my purple tree. The lights were even purple (even though they glowed a rather fuscia color and we turned them off for the photo so you could see the real color of the ornaments).
I wanted to share the purple tree with you all, before it's time to take it down. I promised the boys that next year we would return to our "normally colored traditional Hallmark ornament Christmas tree." I thank my loving family for allowing me this personal indulgence of my very own purple tree.
So before we bid adieu to the purple tree....I share it with all of you.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Marriage Certificate in Calligraphy

I had a wedding to attend yesterday for the young man that was the ring bearer in my own wedding years ago. He is an attorney now! Boy does that make me feel old! It was a beautiful wedding held in our local Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh, in one of their glorious marble filled hallways. It was absolutely gorgeous! We all had a lovely evening.
So today I wish you to share with you the gift I created for the wedding. Being a calligrapher, I love to create a personalized gift for every event I attend. People also order them from me for gifts, should you so desire. (Simply email me for details.) They are a unique, personalized, one of a kind gift that will be treasured for years to come. A dear friend of mine recently told me that every one of the brides that she gives one of these marriage certificates to tells her it was their favorite gift. I am always honored and humbled to hear that.
With that I am sharing the marriage certificate I created for my cute little ring bearer of many years ago. I usually bring an easel and set up the certificate somewhere in the hall, so it becomes a part of their decorations and a bit of a surprise for the bride & groom. The first image will be the unframed version and the second is framed and standing up at the wedding hall. The piece was created on watercolor paper. Done by hand with calligraphy pens, and trimmed in pink glaze pen. What appears to be dotted designer paper, is actually the couple's own wedding invitation! I cut the cover from their invitation and then placed it on top of a crinkled white and shiny pink DP. The wedding cake sticker is Martha Stewart. Jewels and ribbons were the final embellishments.

Congratulations to Chad & Joyce!
I wish you many wonderful years
of bliss and happiness, peace and love!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

SCS Challenge

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The challenge was to design a card after viewing a lovely dress that was purple and gold.
Here is the dress. And here is the card to match. This was my first attempt at one of the SCS Challenges. It was fun! I think I will be back for more!

I proudly present...My 13 Year Old Son's Cards

House Mouse image colored in watercolor pencils, framed in ribbon and sentiment stamped from Michael's gstudio. He cut the corners of a piece of packaging!

My Son's Cards

My 13 year old son Zane, just loves making cards too! He often will just hop up to our table where all the stamping stuff is and design himself a card! Some are rather amazing. He cuts paper to fit the image he creates in his imagination. So with that I shall share Zane's cards...

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Clear Ornament

The Snowflake Spot Card

Additional card I created for our Stampin' Up Club to make at our monthly meeting.

Second card with the Holy Family on it.

Crazy Christmas! Peace...well almost

We had the most awful day before Christmas eve. It started with the death of one of our parakeets. Then proceeded to a very sick guinea pig. No vet was open as it was the night of the holiday. The guinea pig took some water, and some carrots, and I hoped it would hold on until the next morning so I could take it to the vet. Sadly, he didn't make it through the night. Rex died about 3 am after having trouble breathing. I heard him struggling (I slept in the living room that night) and I had grabbed my coat and keys to rush him to the emergency vet (knowing full well it would cost over $400), but before I could pick him up to place him in the towel and carrier, he passed away. The next day as I was running my final errands for the holidays, my children called to tell me that one more bird had taken ill, and we tried to give it antibiotics that we had for our previously sick bird. It was too late, as that bird also passed by the time I got home. 3 deceased pets. What a way to start the holiday. If only we had known, we could have started them all on the antibiotics....but...
Step back to several weeks ago....we had a bird that was near death, that I rushed to the ER vet. After $370 in ER treatment and meds from the regular vet costing $40...the little bird now seems fine. Apparently she had contracted psittacosis (also known as parrot fever). We had lost 2 parakeets in the month before as well. It can be passed from birds to birds, and now supposedly guinea pig and also to human (through the bird contact or cleaning of cages), but not human to human. When the first bird took ill, I had to take my children to the doctors and out for blood work as they both had lingering colds *(a sign that they may have contracted the disease). The health department becomes involved as well as it is a zoonotic (animal to human) disease. The whole thing is a fright!
I then took all 9 of the remaining birds to the vet after getting the kids finished with all of their medical issues. She said none of them were sick and therefore didn't need treatments. Only if they showed signs of illness, we could then start them on the meds. However we lost 3 before ever being able to get the meds. Now, that we have lost 3 pets since that visit, we have decided to treat ALL the pets with the same antibiotics (doxycycline) the tune of $472!!! Giving 8 birds and 1 guinea pig antibiotic drops twice a day for 45 days! The whole thing has me in a tizzy. And we won't want folks to come over till we have eradicated this dreadful thing, and disinfected all cages, etc. So we have quarantined ourselves for now. We can go out, but no one should really come in.
So that was the beginning of our Christmas. It could only go uphill from here!
The good news.... Christmas was lovely. We had an amazing Christmas eve with our dear friend Debbie and her family with the most scrumptious seafood buffet, after attending church together. We slept in till 11am...even the kids!!! Christmas day...we visited with Brian's side of the family and then mine with a big dinner at my Mom's (thanks for always cooking Mom!). The kids got lots of great stuff! And I got the movie Hairspray which we watched together last night.
After days of endless stress and sleepless days and nights, we are at last sensing a bit of peace.
With that I would like to post some Christmas cards I am still working on sending out. It's still holiday week, right? Pitiful that the card maker, didn't get her cards out in time! The season just got the best of me with all of our birdie issues and everything else that needs done for the holidays.

So here are several of my Christmas cards along with an ornament. Tomorrow I will be posting a piece of artwork I did by hand for a client.

Friday, December 21, 2007

My First ATC

I made a single ATC to trade with someone on SCS. I should have made at least 2 so I had one to keep, but oh well. This was done on yellow card stock, DP from Michaels punched with scallop square, using the House Mouse Stamp -What? The sunflower is a paper stick-on. Button placed with glue dot. The sentiment is a bubble sticker from Michael's. The ribbon is a rich copper color tied with yellow. I used watercolor pencils on the House Mouse image.

My First Day as a Blogger

Ok...probably not a good idea to start a blog 4 days before Christmas. But I got to thinking and playing and next thing you know.... I was here!
I plan to do a regular blog, posting creations for my cards, as well as various other calligraphy projects. So here we go....
For now I shall just sign off with a Very Merry Christmas wish for anyone listening!
And a blessed 2008!