Monday, December 31, 2007

Our Purple Christmas Tree

I have always wanted to have a purple Christmas tree, as purple is my favorite color. For the past year I had collected everything purple, ornaments of all shapes and sizes found on ebay and at yard sales, purple ribbon, lights, etc. I even found a purple angel on ebay! Till at last I had collected enough to have my purple tree. The lights were even purple (even though they glowed a rather fuscia color and we turned them off for the photo so you could see the real color of the ornaments).
I wanted to share the purple tree with you all, before it's time to take it down. I promised the boys that next year we would return to our "normally colored traditional Hallmark ornament Christmas tree." I thank my loving family for allowing me this personal indulgence of my very own purple tree.
So before we bid adieu to the purple tree....I share it with all of you.

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Mary said...

Purple is my favorite color too! Your tree is absolutely beautiful. Happy New Year!