Sunday, December 30, 2007

Marriage Certificate in Calligraphy

I had a wedding to attend yesterday for the young man that was the ring bearer in my own wedding years ago. He is an attorney now! Boy does that make me feel old! It was a beautiful wedding held in our local Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh, in one of their glorious marble filled hallways. It was absolutely gorgeous! We all had a lovely evening.
So today I wish you to share with you the gift I created for the wedding. Being a calligrapher, I love to create a personalized gift for every event I attend. People also order them from me for gifts, should you so desire. (Simply email me for details.) They are a unique, personalized, one of a kind gift that will be treasured for years to come. A dear friend of mine recently told me that every one of the brides that she gives one of these marriage certificates to tells her it was their favorite gift. I am always honored and humbled to hear that.
With that I am sharing the marriage certificate I created for my cute little ring bearer of many years ago. I usually bring an easel and set up the certificate somewhere in the hall, so it becomes a part of their decorations and a bit of a surprise for the bride & groom. The first image will be the unframed version and the second is framed and standing up at the wedding hall. The piece was created on watercolor paper. Done by hand with calligraphy pens, and trimmed in pink glaze pen. What appears to be dotted designer paper, is actually the couple's own wedding invitation! I cut the cover from their invitation and then placed it on top of a crinkled white and shiny pink DP. The wedding cake sticker is Martha Stewart. Jewels and ribbons were the final embellishments.

Congratulations to Chad & Joyce!
I wish you many wonderful years
of bliss and happiness, peace and love!

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