Thursday, June 11, 2009

Update on Shane's swine flu! ....and thank you...

Thanks so much for praying for the guys in my life, my son, my stepfather and my Daddy dear. What a rough week!
After hearing on the news that many local area children had been diagnosed with swine flu, I decided to take Shane to our pediatrician! And lo and behold, she said he had had swine flu! Oh mercy me! No wonder my poor boy was so sick. By the time he was at the doctor's, however, his fever had broken and he was no longer contagious, nor was he needing any further testing or anything. She said he would just be tired for a few more days and that he would recover fine. I think I may be better off finding that out at the end, as I don't believe I could have slept knowing my baby was suffering with swine flu! I do know that I had never seen him that sick before. Now crossing our fingers and saying a prayer that no one else in our family comes down with it! Whew! I got a speeding ticket on the way to the pediatrician's on the phone worrying about my stepfather! What a week last week was... unbelievable. But grateful for the good outcomes.
My Daddy dear (that's what I call him face to face LOL)-Tom, is still having struggles with his flu, though given antibiotics. I think it's just harder for someone with cancer to fight off everything that comes their way. He can barely speak, so please kindly continue to pray for him! I will let you know when he's back to "normal". He will likely need to start chemo up again fairly soon, after his respite of 3 months. I will be sure to let folks know as things change.
My stepfather, Marty, had his heart cath on Friday and everything looks good with him! Hooray! They believe he suffered some sort of attack that may only require an adjustment in his medications. So we area all grateful for that! No heart attack occurred and he didn't need any further stents or anything...the one in place is still looking good.
So I praise God for the good things and ask him to continue to work on healing my Daddy dear of both his flu and his lung cancer. There is power in your prayers and I am grateful to each of you for sharing that power with me. I am honored to pray for you as well, so please let me know anytime I can return the favor.

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