Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Prayer Request for my Son, my Father, my Stepfather

We have some health issues going on in my family outside of the normal prayer requests for my Father's ongoing cancer.
Shane, my 12 year old, (he turned 12 yeseterday and spent it in bed with no fun at all...poor baby), has been home sick all week with the flu. He has a high fever and is lethargic, can barely speak and is just plain miserable. I haven't seen him this sick for years.

Please pray that this would quickly pass and he would return to his normal lively self soon. We hope to celebrate his birthday with him soon as he had requested a celebration that includes a crab legs dinner and a sleepover with friends. We need him to get better before we can celebrate!

It felt so sad to see his birthday come and go without so much as a candle or song. He didn't even want us to sing. Poor baby. It came and went without celebration as he simply wasn't up to it at all. So while I should be here wishing him a happy birthday, I am instead asking for your prayers for his health to return to normal.
He won't even eat candy! Anyone who knows Shane, knows that's a sure fire sign, that he isn't well. Brian bought him a bag of mixed goodies, and he forced down a carmel and a couple of gummy worms, and that was the end of it. :o(

My stepfather, Marty, was having chest pains today at work in Washington, D.C. and went to the hospital. He was later released but will be driving home on Thursday morning for further testing here in Pittsburgh on Friday morning, including a heart cath. Please pray for safe travel mercies and that they would quickly get to the bottom of the pains with little discomfort for Dad.

And last but not least, my Daddy - Tom, whom you have been praying for, for his cancer. He has lost his voice and is pretty much just under the weather. He is sick and is coming around a bit but still has no voice and no energy. Pray for his continued healing from the bug that has hold of him and of course we continue to thank you and ask that you please continue to pray for complete healing from his cancer. In regards to the cancer, he continues to do very well, responding well to treatment and hasn't lost weight and is pretty spry, but for this bug. We are grateful for all good results and thank the Lord for the good work he is doing in my Dad.

Thanks so much for taking a moment to pray for my family... should you ever need the favor returned, I am here for you as well. Email me anytime.
Wishing you all healthy happy days with your families this summer.

Much Love,

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