Monday, June 15, 2009

Honeysuckles Dance in June... a summertime poem... by me ;o)

As I have no time for cards with the busy wedding season upon me, I have decided to take a moment and share some poetry! I love to write poetry and you probably noticed from the poems I have written for Shelly, Ryan & Jimmy.
Since this blog has often been a memorial tribute space, I thought it was time to spruce it up with a few poems about fun things! Time to bring a smile (I hope) to anyone's face who cares to read it. LOL

The painting at left is called Picking Honeysuckle by artist Sophie Anderson. Click on the picture to go to a page to learn more about her and see more of her work.

Honeysuckles Dance in June

In dark of night,
while others slept,
my senses
suddenly took note
of a magical midnight show...

attention caught
by the wafting aroma

oh delightful smell of June
her sweet perfume
drawing me into her
late night show
bringing a smile
to my psyche

Familiar is the bouquet
instantly recognizable
aaah....take it in

the ever tiny
yet exquisitely fragrant

dancing honeysuckle
(take a bow)

perfuming the midnight air
a premiere performance
just for me!
(I applaud excitedly)

the tiny blossom
nighttime poetry

accompanied by
her extensive orchestra

hark thine ear
to the incredible symphony
that plays at her feet...

chirping crickets
celebrate their gentle song
they sing it loud
they sing it long

sad for some
who at this hour of night
would rather dwell
asleep on pillows soft
and dream silently
of boring things
eyes closed and out of sight.

Oh fortunate me
my soul is here

the honeysuckle's
audience of one
ever grateful for
her pageantry

bravo! bravo!

alive oh my senses

astonishingly sweet
dancing honeysuckles
my senses doth greet
orchestras of crickets sing
Thank you
for the wonders of nature
dear God
you and the month of June
doth bring.

written by T.L. Tobac
June 2007

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Jo said...

Splendid imagery, "take a bow" :) I think you wrote this for those of us who ARE up at night, huh :) I love it! Jo