Sunday, February 10, 2008

Blog header for Stamp Owl

For some reason, I felt compelled to create a blog header (out of the total wild blue yonder mind you) for Stamp Owl. We aren't close friends (yet) ;o)...and I had no reason to do it. She didn't ask me and I didn't even tell her I was making her one. LOL I just started one last night ...found a really cool blue owl and went for it!
It's one of those things where you hear a little voice whisper in your ear, "Make this woman a blog header right now." ...and you answer back..."ME?" ...."You talking to me???" "Who is talking to me??"
However not knowing who owned the little voice in my head but hoping it was God...I obliged. You gotta worry about a girl, when she starts listening to the voices in her head! LOL
Perhaps Stamp Owl and I are meant to be friends and this was the door opener. I can tell she is a super nice lady from Australia and I am honored that she liked the header and was willing to use it! She probably thought I was a little nutty at first!
Her original header was a little plain (just the top that came with the blog) and she really makes some super incredible cards! I thought her worthy talent deserved a worthy blog header! I previously have only made mine here and one for my calligraphy site at:
Frances' header was my first... So visit her site and check out the new header in it's new home! Plus she has some amazing cards there too. You will be glad I sent you!

Now for some computer buggy reason, I can't see the header since she installed it on her page. So I shared it here as well. If anyone else knows why it won't show up on my computer, please let me know! I emptied the cookies, cleared the history, deleted the temp files ...rebooted the puter....I did it all. And still it won't show up on her blog. So I am looking for a more profound reason than the ones listed above.
Stupid computers! If you go to her blog and see it, let her know, so I can figure this one out! ;o)


StampOwl said...

I can see it here too ... thanks again Tammy!

Julesiana said...

That is a fabulous header!! So unique--perfect for Frances!!

Alyce said...

I came to your blog through Stampowl's blog. I love the header you made for her. I can see it on her page and yours.
I think we would be friends if we live near each other. We have so much in common. I am obsessed with making cards and learning new techniques. I belong to my local calligraphy guild. My work is not as good as yours. Your pieces are beautiful. My children are both getting married this year. I found your seating chart interesting. Don't think I'd make it through a piece that large without making mistakes or being unhappy with my lettering. And finally, I love your purple Christmas tree. My favorite color is purple.
I'll be visiting to see your work and your son's.

Stampmouse said...

LOVE IT and you so needed it. fits the name perfect. makes me want to do one for myself, when I have some extra time

Lynn said...

Wow, you made this blog header, its amazing! Your too funny with the voices in your head, some times I get the same thing happening to me.