Tuesday, February 12, 2008

No posts for a few days....off to have surgery!

I had my doctor visit today with the surgeon regarding my esophagus problem. For those who don't know, I have been having choking fits for about 3 years, where food or water come up and I can't breathe. So at last I will be having a surgery that will fix this. Hopefully forever!
They will be making a cut through 4 of the 5 layers of the esophagus, which will then relax that muscle so that the food can enter my stomach, rather than sit in my esophagus. The term for what I have is called achalasia. Boring details not needed. LOL
When it came time to schedule the surgery, he found that he had a cancellation for tomorrow and if I was willing he could do me then! My thoughts on this are ...I am tired of choking all the time (at least 3-4x week) and I want to get this over with!
SO ...in I go! Plus I get to lose some weight too...woohoo!
I will be on a liquid diet for 6 days - that's clear jello and broth! Ugh! Then after that it's 3 days of thick liquid, milk, ice cream, etc. And then it's 2-3 weeks of a very strict light mushy diet. SO....look for a thinner me in about 4 weeks! LOL Maybe I will take a new picture of the new me for my blog. LOL
Thanks for your prayers and see you when I get back!


Stampmouse said...

prayers coming your way. hope it solves the problem. cute bear too

Lauri said...

Best of luck! I really hope you get some comfort soon; I cannot imagine what a difficult illness this must be for you! Meanwhile....we will be thinking and praying for your recovery!

Suzy said...

Oh Tammy :( Good luck! While surgery is no fun, just think - the end to all the problems is so close. My thoughts and prayers abound for you :)

I have a teeny surprise coming your way tomorrow.

email me your addy so I can send a card to cheer you up too :)

suzy (at) papermonkey.org

big hugs

Diane said...

Tammy, I'm probably too late to let you know BEFORE your surgery that I will be praying, but I will be...for the procedure and for your recovery period. May God touch you in ways that are miraculous, physically and spiritually.

I found you through Dina's blog under the CSSC banner button. I'm trying to compile all of those who wear the button proudly and will link all of us on my blog. Just wanted to make sure that was ok with you. Think I'll go ahead and do it so I don't forget, but if there's a problem, please let me know! Thanks and God bless!

Joan B said...

I'm glad to read that the surgery is over and successful. I hope the recovery isn't too bad. Your organization system looks just like mine!