Saturday, June 14, 2008

Please pray for Shelly

At last I share with you a picture of the angel that you have all been praying for, my darling and dear friend Shelly Tomasic. I ask your continued prayers for Shelly. She has taken a turn for the worse and has spent much of this week in the hospital. She has now been taken to her sister's home and hospice has been called in. Only immediate family will be permitted to visit with her now.
Shelly asked for me on Sunday and I am so grateful that she did. I got to sit at her feet and to hold her hand, kiss her head and tell her I love her. She of course replied that she loved me too, as we always did.
I still cannot fathom why such a beautiful soul as Shelly has been allowed to suffer with such a hideous disease as the cancer that ravages her body as we speak.
She is one of the kindest people I have ever known. No one in my life emulates Christ more than Shelly. She is a walking light of Christianity and the world needs more people like her.
I ask that you continue to pray for her that God will be merciful in either granting her a miracle or at least that she wouldn't suffer.
I ask you to pray for Shelly's children and husband as they must be at her side during this difficult time. I ask you to pray for Shelly's parents and siblings as they know all too well the pain of loss, from having lost their family member Ryan (the Green Beret) in January. And last but not least I ask you to pray for us her friends. Anyone whose life is touched by Shelly's will be deeply devastated at the turn of events of this week.
I wrote this poem earlier in Shelly's illness and I still pray for that miracle now. I thank you all for your prayers now and in the future.

Lament for Shelly

Oh faith you are a fragile thing
when prayers are left
to our imagining
and answers we beg and desire
and pray to You with fervent fire
seem to lay in useless dust
removing from me all my trust

for I cannot begin to comprehend
a God who'd let a life like this end
a God who could heal by His mighty hand
a God who has the power to against it stand

to stand upon the word of God
that she so fervently believes
A God who has the power
to remove this sickening disease

I pray in endless pools of tears
for Shelly and her family's fears
Why must this faithful servant be tried?
We're sending angels to her side!

With every prayer be lifted high~
Surely You won't let her die!
What is this battle you allow??
I pray a miracle come to her right now!

I thank You in advance I pray
as I await that glorious day
when You will do as we desire
and take all cancer with Your fire!

I pray they one day view a scan
and they who are but mortal man
will say, "It simply cannot be!"
as Shelly will be cancer free!

And Lord, all glory will be yours
We who pray, we will adore!
Adore the One who healed our friend.
Who dared not let her sweet life end.

Your Name will then be lifted High!
Hosanna to our God, we'll cry!
All glory laud and honor be
to You Oh Lord, Our Majesty!

All Hail the King of miracles
The King who brings out cancer cures.
The King who loves his servants fair.
The King we know is always there.

For faith is but a fragile thing,
when left at the throne of you Our King.
We must now wait upon Your will.
Know You are God and then be still.

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