Saturday, July 12, 2008

A poem for Shelly Tomasic

I knew a poem would come for my darling friend Shelly. I just knew that in the days just after the loss of this precious life, the emotions were far too raw and the impulse to write had vanished in the weight of the sadness.
I wish I could have read this at her funeral, though I was honored to read the scriptures. I want everyone to know just how precious she truly was to me. I hope someone is still out there wishing to hear more about her, for her life was truly worthy of our devotion.
I miss her so much and can't even bear the thought of our world without her beautiful soul in it.
Thank you for sharing in my love for my dear friend Shelly.

The poem...

Our Shelly

What beauty was bestowed
upon such a lovely soul
within as well as outward
God's grace imparted
so many
glowing attributes
that one could not help
but to immediately
fall in love with

Our Shelly.

With one look into
her lovely blue eyes,
her kind spirit shined
and we
who were lucky enough
to have glimpsed
those sparkling eyes
saw peering from within,
a delicate radiance
reflecting her kindness
beaming eternally
from the soul of

Our Shelly

But ah,
it was her smile
that warm, inviting smile
that beamed before
each friend
and even towards strangers
and ever more so
at the sight of
her cherished family
a smile that shined so bright
it could illuminate the world
a blessing from above

Our Shelly

It was a
precious treasure
to receive that heartfelt smile
and to share
in the cheerful laughter
of memories we made
and joyous times
we shared with

Our Shelly

Great lessons
we are left to learn
from a teacher
such as her
unconditional love,
and above all
her spotless Christianity
taught to us
ever always by example
to live her life as He did
every day a walk with Jesus
worshipping Him in praise
never waivering from that path
thankful always for His love
devoted to His word
even to the end
no one loved her Lord
quite like

Our Shelly

Treasures she has left behind
in the path she laid for us
for it was a wonderful gift
to be
in the devoted circle
that surrounded her
in this affliction
the many loving friends
and family
privileged to be a part
of tending to her needs
by their faithful hands
embracing her with love
as together we cared for

Our Shelly.

Little did we know
how short our time
would be
to love and tend to her
and to gather up
sweet moments
and precious memories
we shared with

Our Shelly

Oh how our tears
stream earthward bound
for the sadness
that befalls
our own world
for we have lost a luminary
that simply
cannot be replaced
for no light I know
shined brighter
than the faithful heart and soul

Our Shelly.

We who were blessed
to share in this precious life
should yearn
and strive to be
a genuine reflection of
all that she esteemed to be
remembering her always
by trying to be more like

Our Shelly

May she live on forever
through our own thoughts and deeds.
We who too believe
in the God that she adored
know one heavenly day
that worlds of pain and heartache
will then be washed away
by the promises of her Lord
when our earthly time is over
and our Father calls us home
that one sweet glorious day
we will be
forever reunited with

Our Shelly.

For now,
each one of us remain
here on this earthly plain
forever changed
by her genuine embrace,
her joyful laughter,
her beauty and grace,
her Christ-like demeanor,
her sweet humility,
having felt
her absolute love
the likes of which
we may never see again
and the never ending light
that shines on through us
forever and always
touched by

Our Shelly.

written by her friend
since we were 9 years old
who is still loving you and missing you
my dear Shelly,

Tammy Tobac ~ July 11, 2008


Anonymous said...

Your poem for Shelly is so beautiful and heart-felt. I am so very sorry for your loss of such a precious friend. Shelly was a very special person and although I didn't know her well, I did know her from seeing her at local functions as we are from the same town. I will always remember how friendly and caring she was. She always carried herself with such grace. She always had a smile on her face, and had such a special way of making those she came in contact with feel at ease with her immediately. I came across your blog in searching for funeral information on the internet and your memorials to her are so beautiful. You are very lucky to have had such a wonderful friendship to always treasure, and although her life ended here on earth much too soon, Shelly will last forever in your heart.

Lorie said...

There's not much I can say except BEAUTIFUL...just beautiful!!

Melanie said...

there woudln't be a dry eye in the house. You are a very talented writer and devoted friend.

riggy said...

Your poem for your friend Shelly is beautiful. I know I can't say any words that will ease your pain over the loss of your dear friend. This is my first time visiting your blog, and I did't know your friend Shelly, but from what you wrote of her, I know she will be sadly missed by many, but I know she will be in a better place and without any pain. Take care and live as she would have wanted you to. Prayers and hugs.

stampmonkey said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. Your poem is beautiful and a touching testimony to your long-time friendship. Thankfully you know where she has gone and you will be reunited with her one day.

I also noticed that you have RSD...I have a good friend who also suffers horribly from this. I hope you aren't in as much pain as she is.

Looking forward to seeing some of your cards one day.