Sunday, January 13, 2008

My King - A view of our Lord in Calligraphy/Watercolor

A client recently ordered this custom created piece of artwork for Christmas for his wife. This has been designed after a sermon by S. M. Lockridge about Jesus Christ. It is a glorious description stating the attributes of of Jesus. Click on this link: MY KING to take you to a youtube version of it, where you can hear him speaking the words. It is impressive and worthy of your time, so go ahead and click on that link!
These people are treasured clients of mine, who also previously ordered named artwork for each other. First the husband ordered a surprise gift with his wife's name as the focus, along with larger titles that also said, Wife, Mother & Friend. This was a Mother's Day gift for his loving wife last year. Each larger word was accompanied by scriptures that went along with those titles that he selected as attributes of his dear wife. (I will share parts of this piece at another time).
Not to be outdone, at Father's Day, she contacted me in return (another surprise!) to order a masculine version of the same thing for him. It was such a loving gesture and they have a marriage to be admired.
He contacted me once more at Christmas time to make another piece of art to go in the center of theirs. Apparently they had been talking about it for some time. This is the piece I have created after reading and listening to "MY KING". We had fun designing the piece together and selecting items that went along with the sermon. It was such a privilege to be there as he gave it to her on Christmas Eve, in front of their 6 children, in our local Panera. She spotted me coming in the door and knew what her gift was right away, but was delighted nonetheless.

The piece has artwork including many items, such as a door, a key to knowledge, pouring water that says blessings from the golden bowl in Revelations, freedom from debt and sin and the empty tomb. All are attributes of our loving God. Click on it to see a larger version. There is also a close up of the My King area showing jewels added.

I thank them for giving me the oppportunity to create such an honorable piece of artwork that glorifies God. It was an honor to be asked to create artwork to fill their home with scriptures. They are lovely people and I am lucky to have them as my clients.
I thank you for taking the time to view it.

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