Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Wedding Creations...

These are some wedding items I make for my calligraphy business.
The first is a marriage certificate that I created as a sample to show brides, by using my own information. Some of you may recognize those stickers! Those are Jolee's wedding stickers for the cake as well as the Tuxedo & Bridal dress. I have been using these for year. This certificate is different from the one I showed a few days ago. It is normally the way I do them...a tad fancier. I altered Chad and Joyce's to fit better with their theme and tastes.
The second item is a seating chart. It is what some brides are now using rather than place cards to show their guests where they are seated. I watercolored the flowers at the top of the header to match the wedding flowers. All calligraphy is done by hand. The guests names are written below with their table number across. This would sit in the entryway on an easel for guests to view and then find their way to their table.

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Jeanne S said...

Wow!!! I'm so impressed with your calligraphy. What great samples!