Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pictures of Ryan Maseth

Last, but certainly not least, is the photo of Ryan and his mother friend Cheryl.

Thank you for letting us share these photos with everyone who has been interested in Ryan.


Stampmouse said...

thanks for sharing. It saddens my heart to see such a young man lose his life. Nice tribute to him

jlazarski said...

What a great tribute to Ryan! It's so important to let everyone know that these are real people with real lives and not just another statistic.

Here's hoping that their memories of better times will sustain the family through these painful days.

Nate- Minneapolis,MN said...

I just read about Ryan this morning on Certainly sad to learn that a government who should be doing everything they can to protect the men and women who are protecting us. What a wonderful tribute to Ryan. Hoping that our government takes the neccesary steps to make sure that something terrible like this never happens again. Thanks again for sharing the pictures. Ryan will never be forgotten. He was a brave man!